Meet Our Social Workers

Mar 17, 2021

In honor of National Social Work Month, meet the professionals who play a pivotal role in the lives of Broadway House residents. They truly embody this year’s theme, Social Workers are Essential.

Gloria Horton, BA, CSW
Director, Social Services Department

Raised in Newark, Gloria Horton has a deep commitment to serving her community. A graduate of Kean University with a bachelor’s in psychology and minor in sociology, she has also served as a Social Work Field Instructor at Rutgers University. At Broadway House, Gloria values the diverse group of patients she has the privilege to assist. “This is a welcoming place, where all are welcome regardless of race, gender identity, or socioeconomic status,” Gloria explains. “Broadway House residents remind me through good and bad situations to stay in the fight to make a difference for the next community member who comes through the door.” 

Mauricio ‘Max’ Rodriguez, MS
Case Manager

A father of twin boys, Max Rodriguez provides a wide variety of support services for Broadway House residents, from support groups and individual counseling sessions to medicated-assisted therapy and serving as an important member of patient care teams. He has formed strong bonds with residents, many of whom arrive in extremely fragile health. In Max, they find a strong advocate—and a friend. Recognized as an Employee of the Month, Max says, “I have enjoyed working with and helping all the residents since I first started, meeting new people and working with a great team. The greatest challenge is letting someone go. In my almost seven years here, many residents and staff have left or lost their lives. I miss every single one of them.”

Maria D. Lorenzo
Social Worker

Maria Lorenzo has worked in the field of infectious disease treatment, including HIV care, for 30 years. She takes great pride in providing the case management services and emotional support Broadway House residents rely on as they recover and prepare for discharge. “Among the most difficult aspects about working as a social worker are the emotional stressors that come with seeing what vulnerable and marginalized residents have to tackle: Homelessness, substance use, mental health issues, and lack of family support,” explains Maria, who joined the Broadway House staff just three months ago. “Then, add a global pandemic that limits resources to the mix, adding further challenges. In the midst of all this, Broadway House has a stellar reputation with getting our most sick and vulnerable patients back to a normal level of functioning.”

Safwat Sharobeem, BSW, CSW, CDP
Social Worker

A social worker here since 2002, Safwat Sharobeem has a deep commitment to those with HIV/AIDS, first as a hospital and community-based social worker and now at Broadway House. The most challenging part of the job: Helping to secure housing for residents before discharge. “When I achieve the goals of residents, it brings me a great deal of joy and happiness to see a smile on their faces,” Safwat says. “I have also been able to reconnect and reunite residents who lost connections with their families due to behavioral issues—that’s really the greatest feeling.”

Lisa Dean, LSW, LCADC
Supervising Counselor

A longtime expert in the field of addiction and mental health, Lisa Dean provides clinical supervision, as well social work services, to Broadway House residents. She joined our staff seven months ago and has quickly embraced the facility’s unique mission: “My greatest joy is working for the residents and advocating for them. I love seeing when they overcome obstacles and achieve the goals they set for themselves.” 

Tyannah Valle
Counseling Intern/Substance Abuse Counseling

A Broadway House employee for the past seven years, Tyannah Valle segued into social services three years ago. Her goal is to connect residents with resources for housing and other essentials that will be critical following discharge. Tyannah says, “I love fulfilling my purpose and being of service to those who need our help. I am grateful to be able to help Broadway House residents in their healing journey.”

Damary Lugo
Administrative Support

Damary Lugo was first drawn to work at Broadway House for the supportive environment the facility maintains for residents, as well as employees. “It’s very compassionate, loving, and motivating,” Damary says. After joining the staff in 1998, she left her position in 2005, but returned to Broadway House in 2010. Through the past 11 years, her commitment to our patients has deepened: “I’m thankful for the growth, both personally and professionally, I have experienced due to the mass amounts of support and encouragement that I have received when deciding to go back to school for a third time.”