Going the Extra Mile

May 20, 2021

Generation Pharmacy LLC is often at the heart of celebrations at Broadway House for Continuing Care through donations of catering for events like the annual Nurses Day Luncheon. Yet the relationship between the two organizations goes much deeper—keeping our residents safe through medication monitoring and education programs and COVID-19 vaccines. Generation Pharmacy President Linda M. Witzal, RPH, CCP, CCPGx says: “We are part of the Broadway House family—and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

The two entities share a mission to significantly improve the lives of residents and provide tools to help them achieve life goals. Those core values have joined the two organizations in a more than 20-year partnership that transcends a typical vendor relationship. Today, Generation Pharmacy provides medication services for Broadway House residents, and also goes above and beyond to participate in important initiatives like COVID-19 vaccinations for residents and employees, the Antibiotic Stewardship Program, which was recently recognized with a New Jersey Silver Steward Award, and monitoring programs that provide insights into better healthcare delivery for Broadway House residents.

Ms. Witzal explains that the close relationship between the two partners drives her firm’s commitment: “We are able to provide these programs because we truly partner with Broadway House and work with the staff to help identify the need. Being part of the Broadway House team is the key to why we work so well together. We are not perceived as just a contracted vendor.”

Based in Boonton, NJ, the pharmacy works under the direction of Lois Beatty, BSN, RN, Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs at Broadway House, to provide educational assistance with medication therapies, ensuring a holistic approach designed to meet the unique needs of each resident. At informal Ask the Pharmacist sessions, Generation Pharmacy staff help residents become more comfortable and knowledgeable about their medications.

Ms. Beatty says, “There is nothing we can ask Generation Pharmacy to do that they won’t come through, whether it is providing medication for our residents, assisting with policy and education, or helping to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. They truly go above and beyond to accommodate us.”

The latest example of Generation Pharmacy’s commitment is its program to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for Broadway House residents and employees who have not been vaccinated. Witzal views this initiative as central to her organization’s mission: “The vaccinations are the only defense we have at this time against COVID-19, and we have administered over 50 at Broadway House, to date. With every single person that we vaccinate, we save people from dying and exponentially protect many lives. At Broadway House, every transaction that we perform ends with a resident—and making sure that we provide the best for every resident is our goal.”