We Celebrate Our Nurses

May 21, 2021

Reza Goco, BSN, RN

When it comes to providing expert, compassionate care to our residents, our nursing staff is second to none. Meet Director of Nursing Reza Goco, BSN, RN, who came to Broadway House for Continuing Care last year to bring a more personal touch to his career—and to the care our residents receive.

Tell us about your educational background.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of San Agustin—Iloilo City, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Iloilo Doctor’s College of Nursing, both of which are located in the Philippines.  

What brought you to BH

I was looking for a change of pace, a chance to rekindle my passion for bedside nursing. I was a state surveyor for a while, and in that capacity, I didn’t really get to experience the satisfaction of knowing my residents at a level where I can see their progression. As the Director of Nursing at Broadway House, I get to see residents from admission all the way through discharge. In fact, I make sure to see them every day, if possible, during the good times and the bad. When they’re preparing for discharge, it’s fulfilling knowing they’re returning back to the community where they belong.

What is your greatest challenge in your role? 

The pandemic changed everyone’s lives and lifestyles. Staffing became a challenge not only at Broadway House, but everywhere. Here at Broadway House, we are lucky that our staff is comprised of resilient and dedicated individuals who got us through a very difficult time for everyone. 

What is your greatest achievement here? 

My greatest achievement is not something any one person did, but that the entire team accomplished. As a group, we are able to achieve a lot. Seeing our residents get discharged from the facility—rehabilitated and prepared to move on with their lives—is a very gratifying feeling. Whenever that happens, I want to shout, “WE DID THAT!”