“Broadway House Is A Blessing To Me”

Mar 22, 2022

Two years ago, Terry Konicke woke up in University Hospital and couldn’t walk. That terrifying day began a long journey that eventually brought her to Broadway House for Continuing Care. “I am so lucky I ended up here,” she says. “Broadway House has been a blessing to me.”

Born in Indiana, Terry earned her GED at age 23 and went on to Purdue University, but left after 18 months. Joining the staff of a carnival, she traveled the country for four years before eventually settling in New Jersey a decade ago. Battling an addiction to drugs, Terry contracted a blood infection that landed her in University Hospital in Newark, where she lost the ability to walk.

Once transferred to Broadway House, Terry spent 44 days in bed and received physical therapy. Despite the expert care, it was a long and difficult road for Terry. Sixteen months after arriving here, she took her first steps, and now, she is on her feet with a walker. Thanks to the support of her Medical Case Manager, Mauricio “Max” Rodriguez, Terry took part in a methadone clinic and her addiction is under control. “Terry has been a success story since she arrived,” Max says. “She has accomplished so much and has stayed clean. We will do everything we can to help set her up for her future outside of Broadway House when she is discharged.”

Today, Terry is looking forward to discharge, but knows she will visit Broadway House often. Max has helped her to apply for support services like Social Security and sign up for housing waiting lists. Terry says, “I no longer want to live like I was living. It’s not worth it, because that wasn’t really living. I’ve been away from drugs for so long. This is the longest I have been clean. Broadway House is a jewel—a gem in all of New Jersey.”