Celebrating Our Nurses

May 24, 2022

Nurses at Broadway House for Continuing Care make a tremendous impact on the health and lives of our residents. Here are just a few ways we’re honoring these dedicated professionals—15 LPNs and 10 RNs—during Nurses Week 2022:

Cool Treats: Each nurse was gifted a pint of their favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor at an ice cream social.

Slice It Up: All three shifts of nurses were feted at pizza parties.

Take a Break: Coffee and pastries provided a well-deserved respite during every shift.

Filipino Feast: Filipino food was the centerpiece of a special luncheon hosted by Director of Nursing Reza Goco.

Trivia Time: Who founded the American Red Cross? Who was Florence Nightingale? During our Nursing Trivia Game, those who answered these questions and more had their choice of prizes.

Recitation: Nurses who could recite the Florence Nightingale Pledge received prizes.

The Winner Is: All LPNs and RNs were eligible for a raffle to win a gift bag of goodies. Three winners were chosen—one from each shift.

Gifts for All: Every nurse received a bag full of goodies in recognition of their contributions to Broadway House and the health of our residents.