Broadway House Gala 2023

Oct 17, 2022

Honorary Chair: Senator and former Governor Richard Codey

New Jersey State Senator and former Governor Richard Codey has graciously volunteered to support the mission of Broadway House for Continuing Care by serving as the Honorary Chair of Gala 2023 on April 27. He is the longest serving legislator in New Jersey history. Throughout his career, Senator Codey has been regarded by his colleagues and constituents as an independent thinker and a champion of change to benefit the public good. Elected to the New Jersey Assembly at age 26, he served four terms before being elected to the New Jersey Senate in 1981 to represent the 27th legislative district in Essex County.

He was Co-president of the Senate from 2002 to 2003 during a historic period of bipartisan cooperation and was later elected Senate President. When Governor James E. McGreevey resigned before his term expired, Senator Codey became the 53rd Governor of New Jersey, serving for 14 months.

Senator Codey is an advocate for better care and treatment for the mentally ill, those suffering from postpartum depression, senior citizens, disabled residents, consumers, and healthcare providers. He has also been a vocal public health advocate, signing the landmark New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act into law, which banned smoking in indoor public places and workplaces throughout New Jersey. During his tenure in government, Senator Codey has sponsored landmark laws to help make New Jersey communities, schools, and children safer, as well as the nation’s first statewide assault weapons ban and the nation’s first childproof handgun law.