Emergency Contact Information

As part of our Emergency Preparedness Plan, in the event Broadway House experiences an interruption of our telephone service, and to ensure we are able to continue to communicate with our families, vendors, physicians, and local support services, the following will go into effect:

  • Please call (973) 986-7811 to reach the Broadway House security desk.
  • The security desk staff member will assist in connecting you with the person or department you are trying to reach.
  • These numbers will not change and are only used in case of any phone interruption. Please use the following list to contact the units:

Unit Contact Numbers

1 EAST:  973.986.1602

1 WEST:  973.986.1278

2 EAST:  973.986.6593

2 WEST:  973.986.7795

Please contact your social worker with any questions. They will convey your concerns to our Director of Plant Operations.

Gloria Horton, CSW

Gloria Horton, CSW

Social Services
973.268.9797 Ext. 1115