Fresh Start — Doreen’s Story

Doreen is proud of her new senior apartment in Newark—and all of the hard work she put in to get there. Several years ago, Doreen found herself living on the streets in South Jersey, alone and addicted to drugs. Her worried son called police, and after a month-long hospital stay, Doreen arrived at Broadway House.

While here, she received the comprehensive medical care and behavioral support she needed to beat her drug addiction and regain control of her life. Surrounded by support, Doreen—who shared her story in this newsletter last fall—benefited from excellent mental health and infectious disease care. Maria also arranged for the Newark native to attend a methadone clinic, qualify for Social Security and additional medical insurance, and eventually, to move into her new apartment.

When the big day arrived on June 29, Doreen was “super psyched about leaving.” Her comfortable apartment is fully furnished and was stocked with a week’s worth of groceries. She now also qualifies for Meals on Wheels to ensure she continues to receive proper nutrition. Doreen’s message to Maria is simple, yet a powerful testament to Broadway House: “Thank you for helping and guiding me.”