Resident Profiles

“Broadway House never gave up on me.”

For the first time in years, Christine has hope for her future. When she arrived at Broadway House for Continuing Care four years ago, the death of her fiancé compounded a lifetime of substance abuse, homelessness, and uncontrolled HIV. Entering hospice care, Christine wanted to die: “The doctors and nurses at Broadway House wouldn’t give up on me. They revived me three times. As I started to slowly feel better, they gave me hope for my future.”

It’s been a long journey for Christine, requiring expert medical care and medication management, as well as intensive substance abuse counseling, social services, and emotional support from trained mental health professionals. Every day, Broadway House nurses and staff members make sure she feels loved and supported on her path to recovery. 

Today, Christine has reconnected with her family in Connecticut and looks forward to moving home with her mother. She says, “I’m so grateful for Broadway House. They taught me that my life is worth it. Now, I realize that God has a plan for me.”