Resident Profiles

“I’m beginning to see the old Robert again.”

As a young man, Robert turned to drugs and alcohol to escape a troubled childhood. A sensitive youth, he was hurting because he couldn’t protect his mother from two abusive relationships. For years, Robert tried to save himself from a vicious cycle of homelessness and substance abuse. When uncontrolled HIV and addiction threatened Robert’s health, a doctor referred him to Broadway House for Continuing Care.

Robert says, “When you relapse, it’s like being a fly in a spider web. If you get caught in the web, it’s hard to get out. This time, I fought really hard to get out.” At Broadway House, Robert has received comprehensive care that is healing his body, mind, and spirit. For the first time, he’s facing his past and envisioning his future with the love and support of trained professionals.

Today, Robert looks forward to starting a new life and getting his own apartment: “God sent the angel who convinced me to go to Broadway House. I am so grateful to be here, clean and in recovery. I’m beginning to see the old Robert again.”