Working with Joy

Jun 18, 2021

Assistant Director of Nursing Services Roxanne Fraser, MSN.Ed, RN, is inspired by the tremendous diversity she encounters every day at Broadway House for Continuing Care. Here’s her story:

Tell us about yourself.

I came to Broadway House in November 2020. I earned a Master’s in Nursing, with a certification in education, from Walden University, where I’m currently pursuing a doctorate in nursing administration and family nurse practitioner.

How did you become interested in working with HIV/AIDS clients?

When I was an undergraduate nursing student, I met a nurse who was working with HIV/AIDS clients. After hearing her stories about not many centers having the ability to care for this unique population, I wanted to contribute my knowledge and learn more.

What brought you to Broadway House?

What interested me most about Broadway House is the diverse population we serve. With my background in management, I knew that I could share my expertise and help build a team that excels in caring for our residents.

Does your job have challenges?

Of course—like every job, there are challenges. Broadway House isn’t a regular nursing home. Our clients range in age from 20 to 101. Most are independent, but many require very specialized nursing care, and there are specific policies governing that care that we all must comply with.

What brings you joy?

Working with and caring for a set of people from diverse backgrounds. We all bring something to the table, and we learn from each other every day.