Leading HIV/AIDS Care

Broadway House is New Jersey’s only specialized care facility for people living with HIV/AIDS. Since 1995, we have been a site of healing and hope for hundreds of men and women. With some of New Jersey’s most experienced HIV/AIDS caregivers, our comprehensive approach is designed to combat the disease, sharpen the mind, and heal the spirit.

Improved protocols and treatment mean that people with HIV/AIDS are living longer, healthier lives. That’s why the nationally recognized program at Broadway House places a strong emphasis on providing residents with a wide range of tools, including social, psychological, educational, behavioral, and spiritual services. Our staff members also serve as advocates, securing the family, career placement, and financial assistance you’ll need after discharge.

Our goal is to provide the tools that empower every Broadway House resident to live with independence, strength, and dignity.

Meet Isaiah

A year ago, Isaiah Brown was living on the streets of Newark, addicted to crack cocaine. Homeless for the past 20 years, Isaiah says, “I totally messed up my life. My mother, who is a registered nurse, and my uncle found me and said, ‘We’ve got to get you out of here.’”

Broadway House helped Isaiah turn his life around. Like many who come here, Isaiah has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Our trained professionals helped to get his medical condition and drug addiction under control, and also provided him with the extensive support he will need to live independently, including helping him to secure steady Social Security income.

Today, Isaiah advocates for others as vice president of the Broadway House Residents Council. He’s looking forward to starting a new life with his mother in South Carolina—far from the streets of Newark. Exuding confidence, Isaiah adds: “I finally decided to stop fighting and allow people to help me. Now, I believe that telling my story will convince others to live by my example and turn their lives around.”

This place has taught me that living with this virus isn’t something I have to be ashamed of. I’ve been living with the virus for sixteen years and it’s brought my health back. It’s just like being at home. I would recommend it to anybody.

Frank Monroe