Comprehensive Support

Broadway House for Continuing Care provides extensive social and spiritual services, as well as substance abuse counseling, to residents recovering from a host of illnesses and injuries, including HIV/AIDS. The goal: To ensure that every resident receives the support they need to rejoin the community with dignity and respect.

Social Services

Social Services play a critical role in maintaining the psychological well-being of Broadway House residents. Every resident receives individualized care planning designed to meet their unique needs. Comprised of experienced therapists, counselors, and psychiatric professionals, our team offers a diverse range of therapies providing a bedrock of psychological stability and safety for Broadway House residents. Services include:

  • Mental Status Examinations
  • Psychosocial Assessments
  • Addiction Counseling
  • Methadone Maintenance
  • Art Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

An important part of our work at Broadway House is empowering residents with the information and life skills they need to thrive when they rejoin the community. This is critical for all of our patients, especially those with HIV/AIDS, who are living longer, healthier lives thanks to improved protocols and treatments. Our dedicated staff includes counselors and social workers who advocate for our residents with a broad range of discharge support, including:

  • Family Support & Intervention
  • Liaison to Community Resources
  • Individual/Group Counseling & Support Services
  • Discharge Planning
  • Housing and Clothing Support
  • Entitlement Assistance (Social Security, Medicaid, etc.)

Special Services

Broadway House offers a host of special services to enrich your stay with us. Our residents benefit from a robust menu of physical, spiritual, and educational programs, all designed to prepare you for life after discharge:

  • Nutrition Services
  • Life skills education, such as cooking and financial management
  • Pet therapy
  • Offsite day trips
  • Supervised exercise
  • Meditation
  • An activities room with a large-screen TV, video games, and opportunities to socialize
  • Specialized services for those living with HIV/AIDS Learn more.

Meet Mariela and Luis

Mission matters to mother-son team Mariela Cardenas and Luis Lantigua. When this dynamic duo report to work, they know they’re making a real difference in the lives of Broadway House residents.

Yet, it’s a two-way street—our residents have also had a profound impact on the lives of Mariela and Luis. “Our residents are a blessing to me,” says Luis, a college student who works part-time at Broadway House. “I know life hasn’t been easy for them, but they’re still happy. They inspire me.”

Mariela joined Broadway House working in the activities department and quickly embraced the facility’s mission. Now an assistant in the business office, she adds, “I feel very blessed to work in a place where I can help people. Everyone here is so kind. What our residents don’t know is that they give us more than we can ever give them.”

Gloria Horton, CSW

Gloria Horton, CSW

Social Services
973.268.9797 Ext. 1115

Korvette Hinton-Woods, CSW

Korvette Hinton-Woods, CSW

Activities, Interns, and Volunteers
Ext. 1010

There is a beautiful place, staffed by beautiful people, who care for beautiful people. We are talking about a little-known miracle in Newark, NJ. It’s called Broadway House. This house is a long-term care facility for people living with HIV/AIDS. This 66-bed facility is unlike any you have ever visited. It offers excellent medical care in an environment that fosters respect between the staff and residents. There are many fun activities and trips to go on, and the food is very good. We also have the opportunity to talk to groups of children and young adults about the dangers of HIV.

Angelo Ricco