Expert Medical Team

Top Doctors and Nurses

The world-class medical team at Broadway House for Continuing Care includes doctors who are recognized experts in their fields. Their holistic approach ensures that Broadway House residents receive the very best medical care, as well as the support services needed for long-term management of conditions. Plus, through our affiliation with University Hospital, Broadway House residents have seamless access to one of New Jersey’s leading medical facilities.

Our award-winning nursing staff also plays a key role in positive patient outcomes. In addition to their caregiving expertise, Broadway House nurses lessen the isolation and loneliness of patients in long-term care, especially those living with HIV/AIDS. All Broadway House nurses are licensed or certified by the State of New Jersey, and we rigidly adhere to the State of New Jersey staffing guidelines for subacute care.

Working together, our team has established a sterling track record, consistently delivering impressive outcomes that have earned Broadway House state and national recognition for almost three decades.

New Jersey’s Finest HIV/AIDS Team

As New Jersey’s only specialized care facility for people living with HIV/AIDS, Broadway House provides care from the most experienced and skilled clinicians in the field. Our nurses and infectious disease certified doctors are trained in the latest techniques of HIV/AIDS care to meet the complex needs of this diverse population. We go beyond traditional healthcare to providing comprehensive therapies and medical services, including:

  • Wound Care & Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Clinical Dietician Services
  • Palliative Care
  • Chiropractic Services
  • Medication Regimen Coaching

Meet Our Queen of Quality

A commitment to high standards has long defined the career of Lois Beatty, BSN, RN, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Broadway House for Continuing Care. Her mission: To maintain the stringent measures that keep our patients safe. For her dedication during her 22-year tenure at Broadway House, Lois has earned the nickname “The Queen of Quality.”

That moniker took on new importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lois was relentless in her quest to keeppatients and staff safe, playing a key role in the low COVID-19 infection rate achieved at Broadway House.

Since the start of the pandemic, Broadway House has recorded very few coronavirus cases and no deaths among our residents and staff. Lois says, “It is not a surprise for us that our residents are doing well.  This is what we do.”

At a recent ceremony in December, Lois was recognized with the Exceptional Leadership During COVID-19 Pandemic Award. Human Resources Director Donnamarie Lynch, PhD, said, “Lois takes the quality of the facility very seriously. She seeks out and implements any measures necessary to mitigate exposure to COVID-19 for residents and staff. Her leadership contributed to our facility having favorable outcomes related to COVID-19 over these last nine months.”

I came in at 80 pounds and now I’m 112. They’re here to help you. When I’m home, sometimes I see my medication sitting on the table, and I don’t feel like taking it. Here, they come in and give it to you every morning. And they say,”C’mon, Kathy, take your medication. And you take it. It got me in the routine of taking it every day. They get you on your feet. They got me to deal with the virus.

Kathy Hanlon