Joy in Faith

Oct 22, 2021

Director of Admissions Joseph Badru shares how faith has shaped his career and strengthens his commitment to Broadway House residents.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a first generation American of Nigerian descent. My parents came to the United States prior to starting their family. My brother, two sisters, and I grew up in Keansburg, NJ. During high school I played three sports: football, basketball, and spring track. I still play basketball with friends to stay in shape.

How did you get into admissions work?

I have been surrounded by family who work in healthcare. My mom, who is a registered nurse, is my role model. She influenced my decision to pursue a career in the healthcare field. When I was in high school, I got a job at CareOne in Holmdel and worked there through college. At first, I worked in the kitchen, then became a staffing coordinator. My administrator at CareOne told me I have a personality that draws people in and that I would be good at admissions. And truthfully, they were right. After working at several other facilities, I have been the Director of Admissions at Broadway House for the last two years and hold a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration, with a minor in Healthcare Administration, from Kean University.

What does your job entail?

Although I don’t like “being sold to,” that’s what you must do as an Admissions Director. You need to sell your facility to prospective residents. Broadway House is an easy sell because of what we do here. We provide amazing medical care to those with very complex medical cases. Our building is beautiful and clean. When you walk in, you don’t even realize you are in a nursing home. My favorite part of this job is helping those who have been turned down by other nursing home facilities due to their complex medical conditions. I enjoy seeing the relief on family members’ faces when their loved ones are admitted here.

Are there any challenges?

One of the biggest challenges or barriers that we face at Broadway House is the stigma that is still attached to HIV/AIDS. For some in the outside world, when they hear the name of our facility, they perceive that we only serve people with HIV/AIDS and that many of our residents are drug abusers. Some people are ignorant to the quality care we provide to all of our residents, each of whom deserves the very best and most respectful care. I’m very proud of the difference we make in the lives of our residents.

What centers you?

First and foremost, I am most proud that I am a Christian and a man of faith. My mom was the driving force behind the development of my faith. I truly believe that God has everything under control. I believe my calm and joyful personality comes from my faith. I enjoy taking care of my family. I love helping and serving others. I know that serving others will one day help me obtain a leadership role in healthcare administration.