Healing—With Fun!

Jan 25, 2022

L. to R.—Tashaka Massey, Korvette Hinton-Woods, CSW, Robert Hardrick, and Theresa Spearman

The Activities Department at Broadway House for Continuing Care is the center of fun here. But, their work has a much deeper purpose. These dedicated professionals are tasked with supporting the emotional, spiritual, and physical healing for each one of our residents.

“Many of our residents come in feeling very depressed and isolated,” explains Korvette Hinton-Woods, CSW, Director of Activities, Interns, and Volunteers. “Activities keep the residents occupied and connected with each other. They can maintain a focus on something other than their respective conditions and express their independence.”

Broadway House offers a host of activities designed to help residents deepen their spirituality through religious services, opportunities for individual prayer, and study of faith-based texts; improve their physical health through chair chi, moving to music, and a drumming circle; grow intellectually by attending discussion groups or expressing themselves creatively; heal emotionally through support groups; and socialize by celebrating birthdays and holidays.

The impact on residents is powerful. Ms. Hinton-Woods recalls a young mother who arrived at Broadway House weak, quiet, and shy. “She never wanted to leave her room,” Ms. Hinton-Woods says. “Eventually, she became stronger, took part in games, and joined a Bible study group. She really came into her own. Today, she is a very positive person.”

In addition to Ms. Hinton-Woods, the department’s team includes Activities Assistants Theresa Spearman, Robert Hardick, and Tashaka Massey. Ms. Spearman has been inspired working with Broadway House residents: “Helping others to achieve their goal is my calling. If I can help just one person, my mission at hand has been accomplished.”