COVID-19 Status

February 15, 2024:


As of August 16, 2023, the facility is in outbreak status. This means that there is at least one confirmed case of COVID-19 in the facility.  Outbreak status lasts until 28 days from the last confirmed case.

    Our COVID-19 statistics are as follows:

    Date of first confirmed case:  8.16.2023
    Date of most recent confirmed case: 2.07.2024
    Number of confirmed cases:  68
    Number of confirmed resident cases:  24
    Number of confirmed staff cases:  44
    Number of resolved cases:  68
    Number of hospitalizations:  0
    Number of COVID-19 related deaths:  0

    Masking is required while in the facility.
    Social distancing is expected.

    The latest COVID-19 vaccine has been offered to all eligible staff and residents.

    Our Infection Control Committee strongly encourages all staff and residents to be vaccinated with the new COVID-19 vaccine.

    What does this mean for Visitors?

    Visitation is allowed as always; we ask that you do not visit if you have cold or flu-like symptoms.

    Arrangements can be provided for Zoom meetings, FaceTime, etc.

    Visitation is in designated areas only as directed by security.

    In room visitation is allowed if we can ensure social distancing can be maintained.  If it is determined that we cannot, alternate visitation sites will be provided.

    Visiting a resident on Transmission Based Precautions is allowed. In these situations, only 1 visitor at a time is allowed in the room and the visitor must wear all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). The nurse will provide instructions to you on how to put the items on and remove them.  The items include the following:

    • Gown
    • Mask (N95)
    • Face shield or eye goggles
    • Gloves


    Visitors are required to follow all infection control protocol which are: 

    • Completion of the COVID-19 questionnaire, which means answering each question in the box with the appropriate code: Y = Yes, N = No
    • Always wear a tight fitted face mask while in the facility. A mask will be provided if needed.
    • Wash hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer upon entering and exiting facility
    • Maintain 6 feet social distance

    COVID Testing
    COVID testing for visitors is not mandated but strongly encouraged by the facility.  Broadway House continues to provide COVID testing on site upon request in addition to providing information on where you may receive COVID-19 vaccinations in the city and surrounding communities.

    Broadway House strongly encourages all visitors to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and booster, and be tested 2-3 days prior to visiting.  We will gladly assist with this if necessary. 

    Resident Dining and Resident Activities
    All communal dining and resident group outings have ceased. Activities will take place on the units.

    COVID-19 Testing of Residents and Staff
    Mandatory COVID testing for residents and staff has been initiated.

    COVID-19 Vaccination Status

    Partially vaccinated: 4 (6%)
    Completely vaccinated:  61 (95%)

    Partially vaccinated: 1
    Completely vaccinated: 95%
    Bivalent booster:  26


    All residents and staff are vaccinated, with medical exemptions for two staff members.

    Facility Interventions taken to date to encourage vaccination and boosters

    • Monthly on-site vaccination opportunities for residents and staff
    • All 3 COVID-19 vaccines are made available
    • In-service sessions by the medical director and pharmacist
    • Opportunities for individual or small group sessions with the CEO and medical director

    James Gonzalez, MPH, FACHE, LHNA
    973.268-9797, ext. 1004

    Lois Beatty, BSN, RN
    COVID-19 Coordinator, Director of Quality & Patient Affairs
    973.268-9797, ext. 1005

    Herbert Belisle
    COVID-19 Coordinator, Consultant for Plant Services
    973.268-9797, ext. 1285

    Elaine Brown, RN, MSN, CNE
    Director of Nursing
    973.268-9797, ext. 1067

    Gloria Horton, CSW   
    Director of Social Services
    973.268-9797, ext. 1115

    Korvette Hinton-Woods, CSW
    Director of Activities, Interns, and Volunteers
    973.268-9797, ext. 1035