Social Isolation Prevention

POLICY STATEMENT: It is the policy of Broadway House to implement procedures to prevent social isolation of residents.

Policy Interpretation and Implementation

The following interventions are in place to eliminate and/or reduce the chances of residents experiencing social isolation.

  • Broadway House will prominently display on its websites and/or social media platforms communications links, a phone number or way to communicate urgent matters, including a link to the facility’s social isolation policy and contact information for the COO, DON, Director of Social Services and Director of Activities.
  • Staff will encourage and enable resident’s attendance and participation in in- person recreational activities, special/social events, trips and religious functions. These events will take into consideration current infection control and prevention protocols.
  • Staff will assist residents with maintaining contact with individuals outside of the facility by providing and utilizing technology such as computers, tablets, cellphone etc.
  • The Director of Activities and/or Activities Assistants will be designated to train other staff to assist residents when needed in the use of the equipment or devices.
  • Staff will offer alternative means of communication for people who would otherwise visit such as virtual communication i.e., zoom conference, facetime and social media.
  • Staff will ensure that if requested by a resident, family member or guardian, there is an individualized visitation plan for the resident.
  • Activities staff will be responsible for connecting residents with outside religious groups and faith-based volunteers. Streamed and prerecorded services will be made available to residents per their religious preference.
  • Resident assessments for social interactions, religious and recreational activities will be conducted quarterly or as needed with documentation in the resident’s record.
  • Should in-person contact, communal gatherings, communication and/or activities be prohibited, restricted or limited; Activity staff will be responsible for alternate programs such as unit activities, 1:1 sessions offering virtual conferences, telephone calls and orchestrating “grab and go” events.
  • Activity staff will address the acquisition, maintenance and replacement of equipment and devices, including infection control/cleaning processes. There will be a sufficient quantity of equipment and devices to meet the assessed needs and preferences of residents.